Barnyard Admission & Pony Ride Tickets

Tickets Are Required For Entry For All Ages 2+!

Barnyard Tickets are $5 per person; children under 24 months are free.
Tickets NOT available on Sundays.

Pony Ride Tickets (Saturdays ONLY) are $6 per ticket - only available for children ages 2+ and less than 80 lbs.
Weather and staff permitting.

Barnyard Tickets are timed ticket entry. Please arrive to check in at the time listed on your ticket. You have a 30-minute grace period to check in. Once inside the Barnyard, there are no time restrictions for your visit.

Buy your tickets in advance! A day or two ahead is great.
Pay attention to the weather when purchasing your tickets!

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable, even in inclement weather.
Saturdays are our busiest day! To avoid crowds, please visit us during the week.

If you have Barnyard Booklet tickets, you may use them at any time during Barnyard operating hours.

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